Hate fighting Austin traffic to get to work? Check out these alternatives

It’s not doubt this is a sore topic for a lot of commuters in the Austin area. In fact, Austinites spend roughly 44 hours a year stuck in traffic! This is created an initiative to find alternative forms of transportation for those who are sick of fighting traffic and don’t have the option to leave for work during off traffic hours.

Capital Metro (https://www.capmetro.org/): The Capital Metro system offers multiple transportation options at an affordable rate. Check out the links below!
MetroBus: https://www.capmetro.org/metrobus/
MetroRapid: https://www.capmetro.org/metrorapid/
MetroRail: https://www.capmetro.org/metrorail/
Metro RideShare: https://www.capmetro.org/rideshare/
Metro Access: https://www.capmetro.org/metroaccess/

Car-sharing has really gained traction in the transportation industry. Commuters can use a car and then drop it off at the same or another location. Both car-sharing services are available in the Austin area, but memberships are structured differently.
Car2Go: https://www.car2go.com/en/austin/
ZipCar: http://www.zipcar.com/austin/find-cars

Austin B-Cycle (http://austinbcycle.com/) : Allows users to rent a bike from an electric bike station and drop off the bike at a similar bike station at their destination.