What Every Good Office Needs

Running a business requires an office set up for success. Below is a list that compiles what every efficient offices should contain. The list has been broken up into two separate categories, required and suggested. Depending on the type of business you’re running, this list may or may not completely apply to you; the items here are for a standard, general office.


  • Desktop or Laptop Computer
    • A desktop has multiple benefits over a laptop in everything from its hardware to software capabilities. Its set up is also better for you physically because the monitor is able to be eye level while the keyboard remains low for easy typing.
    • If you have daily meetings outside of your office, a laptop may do the trick, but think about the benefits mentioned above before deciding to work only on a laptop
  • Desk
    • Make your desk fit the space you’re working with. If you’re going to be keeping track of physical files, a desk with built in file cabinets is great. If all of your work is online, keep your desk simple.
  • Chair
    • You will be in it for countless hours every day, remember that when picking it out.
  • External hard drive
    • Especially for those who chose to go with the laptop option, an external hard drive is essential for making sure your work is never lost due to a computer virus or accident of any kind.
  • Printer
    • Even if you don’t think you’ll ever use it, you definitely will.
  • High-speed internet
    • You’re only as fast as your Ethernet


  • An all-in-one printer.
    • These multi-function devices usually come with a scanner, copier, printer and, if needed, a fax machine all in one.
  • Shredder
    • Keeping all your important documents safe is equally as important as destroying information you don’t want getting into the wrong hands
  • Great Lighting
    • A dimly lit office can be calming, but if you’re like most people, having good lighting will help keep you working steadily throughout the day
  • Plant Life
    • Plant’s help keep air fresh but more than that, they add life to what can otherwise be a dull work environment.

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