Best Things About Working in Austin

hopdoddy_burgerLiving in Austin, Texas is pretty amazing, but what are your favorite aspects of working in Austin? Though this is a very hard question, we limited our answer to the top three best things.


  1. Food: When talking about Austin, food and music comes to most people’s minds. By living in such a delicious city, taking lunch is a bit more pleasurable. Who doesn’t feel recharged after a Salt & Time sandwich or HopDoddy burger? Not to mention the endless breakfast tacos to get your day started the right way.
  2. Town Lake: Whether you walk, bike or run, Town Lake is beautiful and offers an abundance of ways to work out. Living an active lifestyle is part of the Austin way of life.
  3. Laid Back Culture: Austin is not an uptight city, most offices are casual, and regardless, who could be stressed when you live in paradise? Between the endless happy hours, dogs, and beautiful scenery, life is a breeze, even if the traffic isn’t.