How to Be Healthy at Work

Work can be stressful and time consuming, but that’s not excuse to not live a healthy lifestyle. We came up with a few strategies to encourage healthy habits, even when you’re working all day. Follow these steps and start seeing the results!

  1. Pack your lunch the night before work. In the morning, you’ll be rushing and won’t have time. By making it the night before, you can think through what all you need to have a balanced lunch and then just grab it the next morning! Think salads, meaty sandwiches, fruits and vegetables! Yogurt, dark chocolate, and granola bars make great desserts too.
  2. Drink black coffee or tea, but also make sure to drink plenty of water since especially coffee can dehydrate you. Green tea is a great, healthy caffeinated beverage for when you are hitting that afternoon slump.
  3. Workout during your lunch break or bring your workout clothes to work so you don’t have an excuse to go home and be lured in by the couch. Make time for exercise! Throughout the day, take a little lap around the office so you aren’t sitting for long periods of time.