Valentine’s Day at Work

office valentines dayCelebrating your love on Valentine’s Day can be difficult to negotiate. Remember you are in a professional environment, but that doesn’t mean you have to suppress your celebration completely. Here are some ways to enjoy the holiday without rubbing it in your coworker’s faces:


  1. If you want that Jim and Pam relationship, wait until after hours to profess your love.
  2. Keep it classy and PG. This one speaks for itself.
  3. If you’re single and unhappy, don’t bring everyone else down with you. Try to distance yourself from the festivities and engulf yourself in your work if you don’t enjoy the holiday. Or buy yourself chocolates- celebrate the love you have for yourself.
  4. If you’re going on a date after work, still dress for success, not your date. You can change in the café down the street.
  5. Flowers, sweets, and lunch dates are great, office appropriate ways to celebrate the day.