How to Keep your Office Clean

Whether you’re in a conference room or an executive suite, keeping a clean work space helps set the stage for successful days and productive interactions. When managing a business however, a cluttered desk or messy office is almost impossible to avoid. Below are some tips that can help maintain a constructive environment.


• Set aside time for it. Just as you would schedule a meeting, schedule at least fifteen minutes at the end of each week to pick up a bit. Get rid of everything you don’t need and have a clean office to come in to Monday morning.
• Make a trip to The Container Store; chances are if it can be organized, they’ll have the perfect product to do so.
• Try looking at things from a visitor’s point of view. Sit where they might and take look around the room.
• To avoid building up a huge mess, be conscious about where things go. Have a place for pens, folders, memos, etc. and put them where they belong when you’re not using them.
• Go out to eat, but you don’t have to eat out. Even if you typically bring a lunch, leave your work space to enjoy it. Stepping out of the office allows your mind to refresh itself, plus the average work desk isn’t always the cleanest spot to eat around
• Learn to say no or let it go. Those free magnets, mugs and stickers are great until your desk is covered in them. Respectfully decline free items you know you won’t use or get rid of them all once you’re able to convince yourself you don’t need those five free key chains.


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