Office Space – When YOU want it!

As the typical office space times are changing, we are changing, too. Sometimes small businesses or freelancers don’t need an office every day or even every week. They need an office on their own time.

“On Demand” office spaces are perfect if you need an hour, day, week or month in a private office, shared space or meeting room.

Office On Demand

This isn’t a fad in freelance times, this is tailoring the workplace to fit the needs of everyone. People can choose the environment to work and the times and days they need it. It fits the schedule of anyone and makes a sensible choice for those that need it.

There are reports that this year nearly 40% of the global workforce will be working remotely. These people might need an occasional office and now they get to choose the time and the place to use them.

Office On Demand at Austin Suites

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